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In loving memory of
 Marlene Mallicoat.
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            Theodor Holm Nelson PhD, Phd(hon.)
On June 18th I married Lauren Sarno, long-time friend, former fiancée, and a great friend of Marlene's as well.

                                photo by Ev

Lauren is an accomplished high-tech journalist, editor and honcha*.

She also holds a Grammy** and a third-degree black belt***.

She is a member of the legendary R.E.S.I.S.T.O.R.S. computer club, where we met 46 years ago.

Thanks to all our friends who came to the wedding and parties.

* For instance, head of member services for the Symbian Foundation during its brief existence.

** As a member of the S.F. Symphony Chorus, singing Mahler's Third.

*** From the Bujikan in Japan.