Notes on the late, great Larry Moyer
(now available: "Forbidden Journey", his 1957 China documentary)


Dr.Dr. Theodor Holm Nelson, Internet Archive Fellow
Computer Scientist (official since 2013)
Original visionary of the World Wide Web, 1960
Philosopher and Film-Maker (since 1959)
"Poet, Philosopher and Rogue" (since 1954)
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  IMDB: "Ted Nelson (II)
In loving memory
of Marlene Mallicoat.

See last picture and obituary.

"I must invent my own systems,
or else be enslaved by other men's."

                                            -- William Blake !
"A prophet is without honor in his own country."
                                                                          -- Matthew 13:54-58; Mark 6:1-6

I was here first, and it's all gone wrong.-- Ted Nelson

 IT IS NOW TWENTY YEARS since the attack on me in WiredIts evil continues.

On July 30, 2015, I was interviewed on my houseboat by the great director Werner Herzog,   See nice picture and quote.

DOCUMENTS:  Xanalogical documents (trademarked as Xanadu® software), with visibly connected pages as well as jump-links.  The World Wide Web, which we consider a fork of the Xanadu project, left out the visible connections.

DATABASE AND SPREADSHEET:  Hyperthogonal structure (trademarked as ZigZag®), subsumes both database and spreadsheet to a single atomic concept: the cell connectable in multiple directions.

VISUALIZATION OF TIME: The Hypertime™ viewer shows time as a spiral which may be tightened or loosened, emphasizing cyclicalities and near-cyclicalities on any scale.

MULTIDIMENSIONAL VISUALIZATION: the Zzogl™ viewer permits immediate rotation among n dimensions, improving visualization of scatterplots and facilitating the visible movement and change of objects in continuing views (sworfing (swooping and/or morphing)).

The WALKIE-THINKIE™ one-handed typing device, to be used while walking or driving.

A kite-shaped magazine, 1957 (age 19)--
A low-budget surrealistic comedy film  with Huckleberry Hound-style sync (age 21)
The first rock musical, 1957 (age 20)
Hypertext, announced to the computer field in 1965
Early proposal for Augmented Reality-- lecture slide ca, 1966.
   (Turns out  Minsky's was earlier.)
   Note semi-silvered mirrors to merge CRT images with real world.
The Back Button (Brown U. Hypertext Editing System, ca.1967)
Transpointing Windows (implicit since 1960, published 1972)
IN PRINT: Life, Love, College, Etc., 1959.
IN PRINT: Computer Lib/Dream Machines, 1974.  Microsoft edition, 1987.
  Original 1974 edition now reprinted from negatives.
The Home Computer Revolution, 1977.  Translated also into Japanese and Swedish.
Literary Machines (classic edition), 1981.  Literary Machines Technical Edition, 1987 et seq.
Selected Papers, ca. 1987.
The Future of Information.  (Published in Japan.)
IN PRINT: Geeks Bearing Gifts: How the Computer World Got This Way, 2008.
IN PRINT: POSSIPLEX (autobiography), 2010.
IN PRINT: The Scene Machine, 2014.
=== ARTICLES  Many, 10 peer-reviewed; see curriculum vitae.


TN channel on YouTube.  Other TN videos published variously by other people.
Note especially the videos from Ted Nelson Day at Chapman University,   (To see videos, open "Conference Schedule" at the bottom.)  Note especially the presentation by Steve Wozniak, session before last.
Indirect hypermedia based on transclusion (xanalogical structure, trademarked Xanadu®; 1960 to present, with various collaborators).  See Project Xanadu, xanadu.com.
JOT interface for capturing lower case on upper-case keyboard (ca.1970)
The Back Button (ca.1976)
Ray tracing and ray casting (1961-71)-- told in The Scene Machine
hyperthogonal structure (trademarked as ZigZag®)-- visible database of crossed lists in multiple dimensions.
time visualization-- an  interactive spiral to replace clocks and calendars (Spiraltime™)
=== PATENTS  Two in curriculum vitae, and one since.


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